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Welcome to Affrica Consulting

Here at Affrica Debt we strive for excellence, service to forfill your needs, services that will suit your pocket with friendly and kind personnel.

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Fee Structure

Our Fee Structure is as follows:

Tracing of Missing Debtor R180
Tracing of Deceased Debtor R180
Tracing of Director (per director) R180
Tracing of Executor R180
Tracing of Biological Family R550
Tracing of ID (if you do not have necessary details) R150
Tracing of HR (in order to deliver necessary legal documents) R100
Signing of Trace Packs R420


We offer great service at a No-Find-No-Fee basis and have never been known to compromise on the quality of our service.


About Us

Affrica Consulting are specialists in recovery of debts, with 22 years experience in tracing, debt collecting, portfolio management and financial markets. 
Our aim is to offer a reliable service to our debtors and service providers, while saving them valuable time and money by using the most effective methods of tracing and debt collection.
Our tracing and debt collection agents are committed in offering a friendly but firm service to your clients without placing strain on your business relationships.

Affrica Consulting is registered with the Debt Collectors Council as governed in terms of Act 114 of 1998.

We have tracers (for signing Trace Packs) covering a wide range of areas in South Africa and our offices are well equipped with professional systems to give our clients the optimum debt collecting and tracing service.